Connecting Europe Facility: Transport

Grants for more sustainable and efficient transport

The European Commission is working towards a strong infrastructure to create competitive and cohesive economies and new employment opportunities.

Most roads, rail networks and shipping routes are now in place so the new challenge is how all these different transport modes can be most efficiently used and integrated.

Connecting Europe Facility Transport Funding

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) offers funding for transport projects across the European Union. CEF aims to ensure sustainable and efficient transport in the long-term, to optimise the integration and interconnection of transport modes and enhance the interoperability and safety and security of transport services.

The funding programme has been designed around nine transport corridors across Europe, with the expectation that they become forerunners of the core network implementation.

The main objective is to help complete the TEN-T Core Network and its Corridors by 2030. The vast majority of CEF funding will be directed at major cross-border projects and projects addressing main bottlenecks on these corridors.

EU financing for transport has tripled to €26 billion for the period 2014-2020 (compared to €8 billion for 2007-2013) under the new CEF.

Who will find CEF interesting?

Many different organisations can apply for CEF funding in order to build and further develop infrastructure in line with the CEF objectives.

Infrastructure is always evolving. The existing network can always be extended and made more sophisticated and sustainable. The CEF programme now allows more diverse topics to be funded, including:

  • Improving rail, waterway, aviation and road infrastructure
  • Reducing bottlenecks
  • Infrastructure for using alternative fuels
  • Developing port and container connections with the surrounding areas
  • Investing in multi-modal facilities, such as transport terminals and trans-shipment ports

CEF funding can also be used for developing and implementing transport innovations, including:

  • Reducing rail noise pollution
  • LNG fuel solutions at ports and in ships
  • Improving the safety systems for all forms of transport, such as ITS, ERTMS and SESAR

Maximise your CEF success with hands-on experience

To increase your grant funding chances, it is helpful to work with a group with CEF and TEN-T grant experience in Europe. PNO Consultants started to specialise in large-scale transport schemes in 2003. By 2011 PNO assisted in over half of all the successful Dutch grant applications. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the success rate of the applications PNO submitted was 100%!

You too can benefit from this experience and success. If you have a project in mind for CEF funding, please contact one of PNO’s Transport & Infrastructure specialists. We will be able to discuss your project and find the most suitable funding stream and grant application approach best suited to your organisation.

Download: CEF Transport factsheet

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