Our Services

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs, from the type of organisation you are, to the level of support your require, and the funding needs of your planned project or strategic ambitions. Whether you are new to grant funding and need to identify what funds may be available to you, or if you need specific support in a grant application, or if you have been awarded a grant and need support in managing the project or post award administrative support, we have a service level to suit your needs. Find out more below, or contact us to find out more.
If you would like to determine whether your ideas, plans, projects or ambitions are eligible for funding, do not hesitate to contact us. The members of our team are familiar with all the complexities of the sector(s) in which you operate and they will gladly discuss all your options in an exploratory meeting.

Our Services for SMEs

Most innovative organisation can benefit from the use of grants as well as the connection with qualified European research and industrial organisations. However, finding the most appropriate grant, applying for funds and setting up the right partnerships can often be prohibitively difficult. The valuable support the PNO Group can offer in organisations’ R&D processes through grant procurement and technology transfer services include:

Support in the Grant Acquisition Process
PNO can provide support across the entire grant acquisition process. The full summary of PNO’s services in the grant process are described below:

The objective of the initiation stage is to develop the match between a project and the range of available funding programmes, and to arrive at a well-informed go – no go decision regarding each opportunity. The services offered by PNO in the initiation phase include:

  • Assessment of projects for grant potential
  • Joint development of grantable projects
  • Linking with potential partners through our national and pan-European network
  • Linking our clients with potential projects and applications under preparation within the PNO network
  • Consortia management
  • Strategic engagement of relevant Grantor Bodies to influence the case for support

Application Writing
The objective of the services in the application phase is to ensure the application is written in such a way as to maximise the chances of approval, and ensure that the application is submitted on time to the proper authority. In the application phase, PNO will carry out the following services:

  • Bid writing support – full application writing, co-writing, critical peer reviews
  • Development of project budgets
  • Contract negotiation with Grantor Body
  • Providing a help desk function throughout the application phase

Within the application phase, PNO’s service can range from the full management of the complete bid writing process to review and recommendations for improvement for bids that have been written ‘in house’.

This phase focuses on making sure that all administrative processes necessary for complying with the reporting requirements governing an approved grant, are completed in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Advice on administrative requirements of the Grantor Body
  • Support in maximum draw down of grant
  • Managing project spend against project deliverables

Linking Service
Our UK network of industry and academic clients has enabled us to develop a linking service that can provide a partner / project identification service for linking SMEs to projects, industry networks and potentially to grant proposals under preparation.

Mapping Studies
PNO can deliver a detailed assessment of the principal schemes available to support R&D, investment and training activities. The assessment will look at all forms of external funding available including grants, awards and tax incentives.

For more information please contact one of our expert consultants on 0161 488 3488.

Our Services for large & international companies

For large companies grants and incentives are tools for achieving strategic ambitions. They provide additional valuable input alongside commercial finance, allowing you to accelerate major projects, leverage funding and reduce risks. In our view, subsidies and government incentives are never a target in themselves. They are a strategic means of achieving ambitions, and they bring more with them than money alone. They confer societal approval of your projects and your organisation. At any one time, you may have numerous complex, large-scale ambitions and projects in which public funding could play a role. Whether you are nationally based or have an international dimension, you need a single point of contact with an experienced partner to help you organise the way you manage grants. This is where PNO comes in. We have teams that specialise in assisting multinational companies, cross-border enterprises of all sizes and large national companies.

Navigating the European grantscape together
We know which activities attract funding and have a strong track record of co-developing projects, engineering proposals and making applications, as well as establishing compliance with the relevant financial and legal requirements set by funding authorities. We understand all aspects of grant project management and can use our experience and high-level contacts to ensure best practice, complementing the skills in your own organisation. We can help you put all the pieces together to optimise success. We are both pan-European and local, with more national branches than any other grants consultant.

Broad knowledge and dedicated team
We cover all major industry sectors and EU subsidy themes. We have specialists in innovation, sustainability, logistics, energy, environment and corporate social responsibility. We already help numerous (cross-border) clients to leverage the execution of their strategies by bringing in additional funding. Our local staff speak the language of grants and are at home in the language and culture of the countries in which they operate.

We employ dedicated teams of subject specialists who identify, track and monitor the many grants schemes that are available each year. Working closely with you, we use our knowledge and expertise to match funding programmes to your strategic projects. Then we manage the application process. Typically, this involves drafting and re-writing project business plans, helping you to find relevant project partners, giving advice on state aid rules, meeting administrative criteria and providing overall grant related project management.

One-stop solution
Many multinational companies prefer centralised subsidy management, because it reduces risk and improves relationships with grantor bodies. Our dedicated account teams are led by experienced managers who can answer all of your grant-related questions. Through one single point of contact we can mobilise our native-speaking teams and their extensive networks to fully exploit your funding potential. In this way PNO provides you with:

  • Central coordination plus local expertise and implementation
  • Access to an international knowledge network and potential partners support in optimising your financing strategy and the organisation that implements it

For more information please contact one of our expert consultants on 0161 488 3488.

Our Services for Public Sector and Research Organisations

Public sector projects can be seriously constrained by a lack of liquidity in financial markets. Fortunately, there are numerous other sources of finance, from EU regional development funds to money made available by national, regional and local government.

Whether you work for a local authority, for academia or, for example, in a healthcare organisation, we can help you attract and make optimum use of such funding. We have multidisciplinary experts who specialise in many areas, from zero-energy buildings to education, training and organisational change.

The criteria for these grants, incentives and subsidies are often extremely complex. There are so many different rules that it takes a lot of experience to become conversant with them all. This is precisely the kind of experience that our public sector consultants have built up over the years. They know platforms such as the EU Horizon 2020 programme – with all of their complexity – inside out.

In universities and research institutes, it is clearly not a good use of valuable resources such as highly trained scientists to spend time on securing funding. We can do it much more effectively. We can, for example, provide interim managers – experienced professionals who work part-time in your organisation, initiating projects, applying for grants and ensuring compliance. This way, they can answer your questions at any time.
Our services may include training, legal advice, writing proposals and developing projects. Let us fill in the gaps in your organisation, working closely together with your people to firmly embed subsidies in your project cycles and thus help your organisation realise its societal ambitions.

For more information please contact one of our expert consultants on 0161 488 3488.