Careers at PNO

A Dynamic Job Looking into the future
At PNO Consultants you will help public sector organisations or companies to use subsidies to achieve their ambitions. That’s what makes work here so satisfying: you will soon discover that your contribution really makes a difference. Clearly, you will need knowledge and understanding of the client’s organisation as well as the sector in which it operates. You will also need to keep up-to-date with technical and conceptual innovations. You will be involved in the plans of top companies and institutions on the national and international scene. You will join in high-level discussions on their plans in fields such as the environment, sustainability and employment, for example. You have insight into the best ways for your clients to achieve their plans. You will, as it were, be looking into the future.

Multi-disciplinary teams
For many projects, you will work in a multi-disciplinary team. Everyone has a role, contributing particular expertise: the technical expert, the policy specialist, the commercial expert, the financial specialist, the lawyer, the project leader, to name but a few. As part of this team, you will look at all aspects of the project, but your primary task will be to secure grant funding. At PNO Consultants, you can grow in whatever direction you wish. Your contribution will depend on your individual competencies.

Challenging independence
At PNO Consultants, we readily share knowledge and experience. We stimulate one another – in a challenging but pleasant way – to find an even more intelligent approach for a project or a customer. Moreover, at whatever level you operate, you can immediately play a fully-fledged role in a team. You will in principle work independently, for example in discussions with a Director or a subsidy provider but, where necessary, you can call on a colleague or a subject specialist for help

Open applications
PNO welcome speculative enquiries from people who can strike a good balance between hard work and a sense of fun, and who would relish working with our dynamic and ambitious teams.

Please feel free to fill in our open application form or send your CV together with a covering letter to:

Olaf Swanzy, PNO Consultants Ltd, Suite 1,
No. 1 The Courtyard, Earl Road,
Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire,

or email