About PNO Consultants

Founded in 1985, PNO is Europe’s largest independent public funding advisory, annually raising over €350 million on behalf of its clients. PNO employs just under 240 staff operating in 12 European countries. PNO has extensive experience of all principal national and European funding programmes and are active across the entire grant acquisition process.We work closely with our clients to identify and match funding programmes to company strategies, ambitions and projects. We then guide the application process and provide comprehensive support with the writing and submission of grant applications. This can include the drafting and re-writing of a project business plan, finding the right project partners, dealing with administrative conditions and project management.PNO supports over 10,000 clients throughout Europe, annually developing over 150 consortia based European proposals and fostering their successful implementation. Our success rate with UK national programmes is in excess of 80% and in European proposals to date is 47%.